Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am Thankful

Its been a hard week. A little more than a week now my oldest daughter has struggled with pneumonia. It has been horrible. I have been sick too with a mean sinus infection often leaving me to feel as though my head is in a vice. But I am thankful. God is good. I have felt strengthened in my marriage. I have an amazing husband who works really hard to be the best he can be. He is an unbelievably awesome Dad. In the middle of the night he has gotten up with the baby so I can focus on the doing breathing treatments every four hours with the pneumonia-stricken child. Breathing treatments that she hates! She writhes and screams and points to her crib and says, "Mommy Sleep!"
But I am thankful.
They are making her better.
I went to the doctor with her on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and today. We thought she was doing better on Thursday and then Saturday she was the worst she'd been and then we got the steroid and anti-biotic.
I am thankful for good medicine and good doctors.
I was frustrated with my own feeling of inadequacy, with the lack of education, and my inability to ask all the "right" questions. But I am glad that I have doctors who do not attempt to throw hard medicine at a little one quickly. I understand the reasoning and I appreciate it-- even when it is hard.
I am thankful for my sister who came to help so I could be at church on Sunday and not be so much out of the loop. God used me a lot in the few hours I was there and I am thankful to be in service.
I am thankful for prayers! Oh I am thankful for all the prayers from my church, friends, and family.
I am thankful for Larry who brought us delicious food.
I am thankful for Rita who offered (and I accepted-huge!) to do my laundry when it seems the washing machine has broken.
I am thankful for Lorie who came and helped pick up the playroom my nieces destroyed and vacuumed too!
I am thankful for the peace I feel.
I am thankful because feeling peace I was able to then fold nearly 3 hours worth of clean laundry which then made me feel even more peaceful.
I am thankful for feeling better. I am thankful for my netty pot (what a great invention!)
I am thankful for a church and Sr. Pastor who understand the needs of sick babies.
I am thankful for God who loves us, who is sustaining me each and every day even when I am sleep deprived, my nose is raw, my tummy growling, and my sinuses stuffed- God is here - the Holy Spirit whispers soothing peace to me.
I am thankful. As I write this my dog sleeps at my feet and my husband snores, my children sleep safe in their cribs on this day at 1 in the morning.
I pray for children throughout the world who have no beds to sleep.
Who have no parents to be sleep deprived.
I pray for those who have no family.
I pray for those who feel all alone.
I pray for those who fear connection.
May God work in us, ignite us, and connect us to see, hear-- to awaken to the reality of love that is here- that comes in these powerful glimpses, these amazing people, these angels among us. Amen!

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