Thursday, May 6, 2010

Growing in Grace and Wisdom

Part of may day today was rough. Really really rough. But that was the later part of the day. But other than this rough spot I had an awesome day with my girls.
I started the day attending an amazing National Day of Prayer Breakfast! Will write later on that...
Then I had an amazing day with Grace and Sophia.
Then the rough part.
But then I took a prayer shawl to my friend and neighbor.
Then we went out as a family- We walked around shops, ate at CiCi's Pizza (kids were free for Mother's Day coupon!), and laughed a lot. It was great for us to get out and play. We needed it.

The joy of my day- comes from God and my family. I felt God working in me throughout the day.
My girls- Grace and Sophia teach me, cheer me, and give me the gifts of witnessing God's presence.

The girls said and did so - so many cute things today.

I grabbed a scrap piece of paper and jotted them down- here they are:

I was vacuuming- stopped for a minute- and she pointed and Sophia said, "Messy Messy Messy Dog Hair's messy" and thought- how true!!! but Lucy is worth it.

Gracie soon woke up and liked helping me vacuum. She especially liked to turn it off and on. She turned it off and said, "Mommy, I'm going to talk for "one small little minute" and she told me that I had two eyes and pretty hair. Then she turned the vacuum back on for a few seconds....Then said, "Mommy, now I'm to talk for a BIG minute." And we had a longer conversation where we then decided to stop vacuuming! :)

Shortly after that Gracie found a piece of paper she had colored on earlier today, picked it up, and ran over saying, "Look! It's AMAZING!" and I said, "Wow, It's AMAZING?" and she said, "Yeah, I do that sometimes."

The other day Sophia and I were snuggling in the morning and Daddy had gone to the guest room. Gracie woke up and and came to snuggle too and Sophia was so excited reached out to hug her and said, "I love you Sissy!!!"

SO cute!

They truly keep me going- they make me smile when other things don't.

Thanks to God for children- they truly do show us the kingdom of God!

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Lauren said...

The part about Grace saying, "I'm going to talk to you for one small little minute..." That really made me smile.