Monday, June 7, 2010

Storytime Joys

Tonight was so fun getting the kids down. Of course it was all my energy- but good energy. We've all been sick- with the exception of Gracie. Sophia with pneumonia, ear infection, and pink eye. I had a sinus infection that is now an ear infection and Kevin has the sinus infection- but WE ARE On the MEND! Today Sophia was without fever, Grace was in a great mood! And I cooked dinner! I had the energy to cook a dinner! WOW! I have done little other than make a small thing and heat up other stuff or throw in a pizza and steam veggies... Now I didn't make some wonderful Food Network worthy meal- but I made a delicious pasta sauce with lots of veggies and Tortellini (which Kevin and the girls love!) It was yummy. I also love a meal that is all in one bowl!

Also the girls played with Play Doh while I cooked. Gracie had gotten a Word World Play Doh set for her birthday that Kevin and I were a little worried to bring out- with the fear that play doh would end up in the parsonage rug....Guess what!? It didn't. I was so tired and really needed to cook- I pulled it out guessing it would be a fun fun activity- and it was!! I put aluminum foil over their little table and asked them to play with the play doh only there...and they did! At one point Gracie brought it into the kitchen and I reminded her where I wanted her to play and she said, "Okay,sorry Mommy." I said- its okay- you don't need to say your sorry. She is such a sweet sweet kid!

Afterwards- I let the girls play a bit and cleaned up sort of and then we went to take a bath- I lured them upstairs with the hope of bubbles. Last night I got a bit of energy and cleaned the bathtub and our bathroom so now that was clean- really clean- not just Clorox wipe clean- but scrubbed clean. I had left the counters, floor and toilet so while the girls played in the bath - and shared SO well! I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. It was awesome! Gracie kept saying- "Here Sophie, you can have this one." very very sweet. And Sophia kept hugging Gracie and rubbing bubbles on her. They were so so sweet. Then Gracie swam (after we removed all toys) and she "taught" Sophia how too. Adorable!

Off to bedtime- I had the hairdryer which they each loved running around me laughing in the warmth. Sophia especially liked it hitting her bottom :) Then stories- they picked out three- "Are you My Mother?"; a Care Bear book about Sharing; a book called "Violet's House"; and "A Pocket for Corduroy" --ok so four - Sophia also brought up "Bear Snores On" towards the end and we compromised that I would read Sophia "Bear Snores On" and Gracie would wait for me in her bed and I'd read her "A Pocket for Corduroy" after that. Sophia decided she didn't want a book- read here- Sophia threw herself on the ground, pounded the floor and screamed for Daddy...then when I put her in the crib said Mommy hold me - then when I held her screamed for Daddy... so she went to bed- after three binkys (God willing we will break this soon). Kiss goodnight to Sophia and an "I love you" over screaming and off to Grace's room.

This time I turned off the light and we read by her night light (who she calls "Guy") and we read "A Pocket for Corduroy" - I read it twice and then when she said read again- I suggested she read it. "No- you Mommy." Okay- so I start reading. "No- I read it!" Okay, that sounds great. She opens the book and stares at the first page and says, "I can't understand!", in a very frustrated tone. I said, "That's okay- I'll help you." So we read it again while I read a few words at a time and she repeated. So So cute. And there are some tough words in that- like "hesitantly", "Laundromat", and a few others...After half the book she didn't want to repeat after me any more, because she kept yawning! (note to self- this is a good way to get her to sleep!!) But when it was time for me to go- We said our prayers, sang our song, and off I went! It was huge! Usually she wrestles on top of me- sits on top - and says, "I got you! Now you can't go!" Nope- I just walked out easy as can be. She asked for water a minute after- of course. But nothing after that. Since we got back from CA last week- we have not had easy nights going down.

Storytime is my favorite part of the day-- I love mornings too- we all snuggle in bed and watch Sesame Street, Higleytown Heroes, or something...but at night- we are all clean and smelling good in clean pjs, they are silly, we're awake but getting tired, they sit on my lap and I read- or I sit and they run around while I read until they eventually do sit. Grace is sitting down to listen more and more. And its so fun to interact with the story!

I love when I read "the baby bird jumped" and I ask the girls, "How do you jump?" And they giggle and jump! I love asking her questions about the story and hearing her take on what we've read. I love hearing them say, "SNORT!" and laughing hysterically. I love reading the Sharing book (I can't remember the title - I think its something like "The Day Nobody Shared"- and asking Gracie about sharing and she goes off on a tangent about how she and Sophia shared something or other.

Bedtime is sometimes really hard- Sophia of course was screaming and crying but was out after I closed the door- She was asleep before I finished the first reading of "Corduroy"- but tonight- bedtime was so lovely. Storytime was a gift. A gift to read with Grace and hear her saying the words on the page and excited about wanting to read!

I love how I just went and checked on Sophia and her behind is way up in the air, her head in the corner, her mattress is elevated since she's been sick. Her poor bum has been hurt by this illness so she is airing out tonight atop a few towels. She sleeps soundly- a few coughs, but less than last night, after four days of medicine, and a nice baby vapor bath, and a bit of neosporin under her raw nose. She sleeps without even the snore she's had earlier this week.

My sweet sweet girls, nestled in their beds, after a joyous fun with play doh, a dinner where everyone had at least 3 bites and a bit more (this is huge some nights), and a fun bubbly bath, stories and stories, songs, prayers, kisses, and lots of love.
Thank you Jesus for my girls.

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