Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tomorrow we go to the Wailing Wall and we pray. We bring prayers with us. I will bring prayers for you- I bring prayers for you with me whoever you are- for all the world. I bring prayers for those who cannot sleep at night- for those who worry, for those who fear, for those who lie awake in desperation searching for answers and direction. I pray for you.
I pray for those who praise and sing, and shout of joy- for all who feel the joy, the love, the peace of Christ in their lives and refuse to let anyone shame them or steal from them this hope that is real.
Tomorrow I go and I pray for Mothers, and Fathers, and Children, and orphans, I pray for those who are alone in this world and those who feel overwhelmed.
I pray for the sick and the dying, I pray for healing and miracles, I pray for safety, for peace, for understanding, for love to abound.
Once my chaplain in college told me how monks rise at 2 in the morning wherever they are and pray for those who they do not know. He said this so we would know that when studying, when stressing out at 2 in the morning we would know- someone was praying for us.
I write names on for of people on these pieces of papers but I also write in space for you who I do not know throughout this world- I leave space- knowing that Christ fills the space - fills in the space with the holy -- fills in the spaces that we do not know - do not understand-- fill in the spaces of our lives with the holy-- so that we may be holy- the holy that will reach all and is with all- that already surrounds you who already knows your need.
I will call you by name- even when I do not know your name- I call you sister and brother and Jesus calls you beloved. And your name, your prayer, is written so that you may know I prayed for you tomorrow at the wailing wall.

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