Friday, May 25, 2012

Prayer for Transition

Lord, there is so much happening now.
Let me see you and know you and be aware that you are with me in my every moment, through every decision, and in all my interactions.

You Lord, Have made me.
Your Daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a pastor.
There are preschool graduations, teacher goodbyes, birthday parties,
funerals, goodbye parties, tears, (waterproof mascara), stories, laughter, songs,
visits, communion, worship, hugs, preaching, bible study, pot lucks, and boxes,
 lots of boxes in our lives now. 

Give me energy Lord, to say goodbye and to meet new people.
In my sadness, let me remember the joys.
In my nervousness for what is new, let me know you are guiding me.
In my excitement let me smile at the joy and possibilities of what is new.
When I hear discouragement, let me lay it at your feet.
When I begin to think, "what if" stop me.
When I worry too much what others may think, let me focus fully on you and the call you have placed in me.
My confidence is in you, my trust is in you Lord, and the strength of my joy is in you.
I will not fear what I do not know, for you Lord are with me.

I pray Lord for my church I am leaving.
May they feel my love for them always.
May they be held in your love which holds us all.  
Heal us and comfort us in our griefs.
Hold us in newness, change, worry, fear, uncertainty. 
May they be open to receiving the new pastor with all the love with which they received me.
You have guided this Lord.
Let us trust.

I pray for the new pastor coming.
You have called, equipped, and prepared her.
Fill her with excitement and joy.
This church is amazing and filled with people of deep faith and love.
She will be a blessing to them.
Lay your hand upon her give her courage, joy, and strength in knowing you are guiding her.
May she find a home here as I have.
May she grow in her call as I have.
May she love these people and feel their love as I have.
Thank you for her and her call.
I pray for the pastor of the church where I am going.
Let her grieve with her congregation in the goodbyes.
Let tears be turned to joy for new beginnings.
May this new call for her be filled with joy, learning, and love.
May her call feel renewed and energized.
Fill her with energy in this transition to continue the work of pastoring while preparing to move.
Let her feel your hand on her guiding her in every moment. 

I pray for the church I am going.
Comfort them in all grief they have in this transition.
Wash them in the power of your Holy Spirit,
may excitement, renewal, and new energy come alive.
I pray they will be excited to meet my family.
I pray for the neighborhood, schools, and our new home.
May you prepare the hearts of the congregation and community to love our family. 
May they see me as you see me.
I already love them, Lord.

I pray that your prevenient grace with fall upon us all.
I pray we will see the best, the truest, of one another.
Let us love one another Lord.
Let us see, Lord.
Let us hear, Lord.
Let us listen to the stories of Who we are
and trust together in Whose we are. 
Let us see what and where and how you call us to be church.
Ignite us  all to see possibilities. 

Let all of us, in all places, in any and all transitions and moves and changes, let us together as sisters and brothers think on about these things: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Philippians 4:8) 

I pray in the name of God who calls, equips, prepares, sends, and guides,


Joanna said...

Lovely. That Philippians passage was my great grandmother's favorite verse--and consequently one of mine. And I definitely need the prayer: "When I begin to ask 'what if,' stop me." Blessings to you and your family.

Donna VW said...


Unknown said...

Good morning. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I am in the transition state. This is my first move to a new full time appointment. (my husband is a pastor, so we have moved but this is my first move a full time clergy.) I truly love the words God has given you in this prayer. I am trying to set the stage for a great move in pastoral leadership. Would it be alright if I used this prayer in whole or in part as a congregational prayer? If this will be okay, please let me know how to give the proper credit.

Thank you in advance.
God bless, Rev. Shari Dawn Stilgenbauer