Saturday, December 15, 2012

Preaching When I have no words

How to I preach tomorrow?

How do I offer hope?

My sermon is "Scandalous Love"

After yesterday-- we cling to our loved ones-- we fear the world-- we seek detachment from all this world that betrays our trust ---- we think about ways to withdraw for safety.

We jump to easy answers and blame. We barricade ourselves in fear and hatred.

I am thankful that when we want to give up and withdraw after pain we have a God who draws closer.

We often end up avoiding others when painful things happen-- we don't know what to say - so we do nothing.
God comes closer, invading our created detachment, scooping us up.

God doesn't give up.
God doesn't give up.
God doesn't give up.

God loves scandously-- when everyone else would say leave. 
God pursues.

God help me say this tomorrow.
Help me to know it isn't about what I say--
Because you are there.
You will call us together tomorrow morning.
You will weep with us.
You will embrace us in your love.
And when we depart-- you will go before and behind us. 

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