Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Today, I kept Gracie home b/c she was having a bad cough. Each year she tends to get pneumonia--- so I'm trying to keep that from happening. We did a nebulizer treatment and I think we'll keep that up...

Kevin got Sophia off to daycare... he went to work and came home not much later... He looked green... and was so sick! He has a stomach flu, fever, all of it!

I tried to do work from home... but it was somewhat hard-- Gracie would just say, "Snuggle me Mommy." Awwwww...and I was tired.... I did some emailing and preparing for my bible study the best I could... at 4 I took Grace to the church and we set up for the bible study... In my office I have this big gourd that a friend's Mom gave me-- and Gracie pretended to be "Queen of the Gourd" and received a Burger King crown from Pastor Ralph (when Gracie says his name is sounds like Papa Ralph)

On the way to get Sophia-- a fire truck went by roaring...and I said, "Let's say a prayer." I said, "Dear God (and Gracie repeated...) Please keep the firemen and everyone safe. Amen.

Then Gracie said- I want to say another prayer-
and said-- "Dear God, Keep the firemen and all the people safe, let there be love in all the peoples' homes, keep them safe from lots of rain. Amen"

Got Sophia-- and I got a nice big hug!!!made dinner--Princess Soup-- babysitter came...

I printed out the handouts for Disciple Bible Study-
--- I was triple booked tonight
Back to School Night- Sophia's class/Grace's class -- I did 15 min in each class
---Originally Kevin was going to go to one class and I to another...
Parent gathering and I did a pastor talk- and then off to finish Disciple-

When I greeted my class- one of the folks in my class heard a/b my day and the schedule and said, "Maybe we should've started next week?" "This is life..." I said- with joy-- I mean I wasn't mad or defensive or annoyed-- just matter of fact... This is life.

It is-- I am wife/mom/pastor-- I am one person and its all good. Like really-- good. Its crazy, its hectic-- kids get sick, husband gets sick-- there are parent and pastor responsibilities...
house is a coming to visit- it all happens at matter how well we plan- it happens.... but you know what?

God is so good. I feel held in it all.

And they were fine-- I hate that this was the first real class... but this is why I have a great assistant, had a lesson plan, and a 30 minute video... I hated missing their opening discussion....

Gracie's teacher Mrs. Ryan shared a story about Grace-- She calls the kids "Lovey" sometimes or "Little love" and Gracie said, "I'm not Lovey, I'm Gracie Anderson." lol

she cracks me up!

My bible study was really wonderful- a big class-- but great. I worry about how big the class is- about 20 folks now... Ranging in age from 20-70s that is pretty cool. OF course theodicy came up at the very end and we totally ran over. It all went well...I just hope I wasn't like a total spaz going all over the place. It is a big class...there are lots good thoughts, questions, and I prefer discussion than lecture...but in the beginning its hard not to do that a bit I guess-- I just don't like to be preachy...I don't want to sermonize them to boredom...but mostly I did feel that it went well..

I did feel bad about being late to relieve our awesome babysitter.

The girls had so much fun with our wonderful babysitter---
They played dress up with these wonderful clothes our babysitter brought for them while I was three ring circus Mom/Pastor
and were out when I got home...

Checked on Kevin, took his temp, covered him up, cold washcloth for the head, and Tylenol for the fever.... poor thing

there is so much to do...but I am done.

There are always piles of laundry, piles and piles... I feel like that song, "I can see for miles and miles..." I see laundry for piles and piles... but it will all be good.

In the wonderful words of Julian of Norwich "All will be well and all will be well and all things will be well."

This is what assurance, peace, comfort feels...even when there are like a million things I could be stressed about-- I'm not. I know that it will all be well. I am held. Thanks be to God!

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Lauren said...

Your blog is so inspiring to me. I think you will need to publish it one day :)