Sunday, September 12, 2010

Words from Grace

I'm constantly astounded by the things my 3 year old says. Sometimes she scares me how deep she can be and other times she just makes me laugh. Sophia my 2 year old is saying lots of thigns right now too-- and I know that I'm really going to be amazed by her thoughts and ideas once she shares them with me.

In this last week these are some of the things Gracie said:

She woke up in the middle of the night last week- and Kevin went to see what she needed.
He opened the door and there was Gracie, "Daddy, I can't sleep. I have a wedgie."
Kevin is an awesome Dad- and he's good for fixing all kind of things- including a wedgie... lol

Wednesday we came by my office and there was a bag of cookies there that a parishoner had made for our family. There were two big ziplock bags full of oatmeal raisen deliciousness. Gracie couldn't wait to have one and I said, "Why don't we share them with all our friends first." So we shared them with everyone in the office- Gracie carrying the bag and offering, "Do you want a cookie?" Then when we had offered one to all the staff, we found the ladies sorting things for the bazaar, and then we went downstairs to the preschools and offered cookies to all the teachers. She had a blast running up and saying, "Would you like a cookie?" Gracie was skipping down the hall saying, "Mommy, I loooove sharing! There is plenty for everyone!" When we had given cookies to everyone at church- she wanted to find more people to give cookies to- so we knocked on some of our neighbors doors and gave cookies to our neigbhors, and to a police officer- most everyone else was away at work so Gracie said, "I think I'll go take a nap, and when I wake up, we'll find more folks to share our cookies with!"

Friday, Kevin wasn't feeling well so I left work early to take the kids. I decided to take them to get their hair cut (Sophia's bangs were way long and I just decided I don't have the patience to pin them back every day). It's back to school time and it would be nice to have a fresh start! On the way to the mall for the haircut we saw a homeless woman on the side of the road. I had nothing on me except these McDonald's coupons I just took out of the mailbox. They included some things free. So I rolled the window down and gave them to her.
Gracie said, "Who was that lady?"
I said, "She's someone who needs some help. You know how we have a nice house to live in and warm beds to sleep in?"
Grace, "Yes."
Me, "Well some people don't have a house to live in or a bed to sleep in."
Gracie thought about it a minute and then she said, "Well Mommy, they can just come to the church. The world isn't done yet."

I was just in awe- nope, the world isn't done yet.

Here are our new haircuts, and the lollipop we got for being still:

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