Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Psalm for Ministry

Almighty God,
You gave me this call and you filled me with passion and you set me on fire.
Make me strong Lord, that I can withstand whatever comes.

Guard my heart and hold me.
May I be courageous like the prophets and strong like the apostles.

Let me not waver in the path you have set me.

Give me openness to hear and strength to love.

I yearn too much for the love of your people.  
I pour out my heart.
I want so much for them.

Burn pride away from me.
Let me be content.
Even within the urgency, the passion, the purpose, the joy, the excitement I feel in ministry--
Let me be patient and content.

I see so much.
The urgency of mission drives me.
Let your love continue to burn with passion
And let your patience soothe me

Wash away the pain of ministry.
I am broken for you and I feel the brokenness of your world.
I seek to build up the kingdom so all may know your love, your grace, your unending joy....

There are days when ministry hurts.
And all I can do is cry out for you.
Heal me Lord Jesus.
I am not whole without you.
I will lean on you.

My strength is in you Lord.
My hope is in you Lord.
My joy is in you Lord.

I am who I am.
And I am yours.

Its seems like everyone thinks being an extrovert is easy
- bubbly, joyful, friendly, outgoing---

The hard part about being an extrovert is so much of your energy comes from those around you-
it doesn't mean that you don't have confidence on your own, it doesn't mean that you're needy, it does mean that you put your heart out there- it does mean that you are vulnerable and exposed.

I suck at being guarded.
And it hurts.
But this is who I am.

Lord, I have always been intense.
  I've always been passionate.
And It's always been "too much" for some folks.
Or not enough for others. 
 Let me be okay with that.

Because no matter what-- I'm just right for you.

Lord, You called me and chose me and you set me on fire.
Nothing will quench your fire within me.

Let me burn brighter for you.
You are the reason I am here.
You are the reason I serve.
You are the One I adore.

Nothing stops your love for me or for anyone else.

Pour your love down on me.
Let a mighty epeklesis fall.
Your Spirit guides, protects, forms, and fans the flame.

I will not burn, I will shine. 
I will not perish, I will live in the resurrection.
I am  hard pressed, but I will never be crushed,
I am confused and  perplexed,
 I do not always understand your people 
and I allow too much of it to hurt...
free me despair and defeat;  
I am not abandoned by God and I will not abandon my call.
 When I am struck down, I will get back up. 
I am not destroyed.

Christ has Died. 
Christ has Risen. 
Christ will come Again. 

These words of mystery are my hope. 
Because Christ lives I will live.  
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 
I can live out this call. 
Because You go before and behind me. 
Equip me, Lord. 
So that I may equip your people for this powerful and passionate life of ministry!


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