Thursday, September 24, 2015

Holy Ground

Today in Preschool Chapel I talked with the children about holy ground. They came in and were so quiet, shy, sweet, and curious.  

After we learned each other's names we talked about the name of the room we were in "The Sanctuary" - a special place where we come to pray, to thank God to know God and then go to do what God wants us to do.

We learned about Moses today and how God called him

 "God called Moses and Moses said 'Here I am'"  We come to here to the sanctuary because God calls us and we say, "Here we are."

"God told Moses to take off his shoes (I slip off my shoes to show them)  because he was standing on Holy Ground-  today we are all going to keep our shows on   "Can everyone say holy."   HOLY  "That means it is special and sacred.  God told Moses- I want you to go help my people.  Moses was scared but God said you can do it because I will be with you.  We come here to be still and hear in this sacred special place of the sanctuary to know what God wants us to do. We can do what God wants because God will always be with us."

 I taught them about acolytes and how we light the candles first thing to remember God is with us just like God was with Moses in the fire.  How God is our light to guide the way.  "The acolyte comes down the aisle and bows just like Moses did- can you bow- (we all bow) and we light the candles."

  Standing up at the altar one boy said, "What is that X that's turned around up there?"

I pointed to the cross- "Does anyone know what this is called?"

No one knew.

I said, "This is a cross.  When we look at it we remember that God loves us.
 Can everyone say that with me: "God loves me!"  We all said it together.

 "When we see this cross we remember all God has done for us and all God keeps doing for us.

Walking behind the altar to point at the stained glass window.

This is Jesus.  Who is Jesus holding?  All the kids say: "A Baby!"  "Jesus loves all the children and Jesus loves you! Can you see that this is the biggest window in our church?  It is important to know that Jesus loves you very much! The church is where you come and learn about Jesus and how He loves you!"

Sitting back down I look at the boy who asked me about the turned around X, "I am so glad you asked that question!"  Looking at all of the children, "Asking questions is so important because that is how we learn!  When you have a question, can you please raise your hand?"

My little questioner says, "Yes and you know if it's really important you can raise both hands!"
Me: "That is a great idea!"

Now I want to sing a song with you called "Jesus Loves Me!"   Has anyone hear this song before?
1 child raises their hand.

Well, if you don't know it it's okay--we're also going to learn the sign language so that we can know it in our head and heart.

We sing-- There faces just lit up.  One boy, in my second class (I did one preschool class at a time) who had stayed close to his teacher turned toward me while we sang.

Before we go, we're going to have a prayer together.  Have you prayed before?

My sweet question boy, "Yep. ... I only pray on Sundays."
"That is awesome!"
"And, did you know you can pray every day too?"

Ms. Joan, "How about we sing a song about what days we can pray?"
We sing together a song of all the days of the week!

We pray:  Dear God, Thank you for this day.  Thank you for my school.  Thank you for my teacher.  Thank you for my friends.  Thank you for loving me.  Help me to know you are always with me, Amen."

I say A - long a- Amen and a little girl says, "Should we say amen (long a) or amen (short a)?"

"You can say it both ways!"

But how about we learn one more song- and this one is clapping song-- we sing it at the end of church here and it goes like this, "Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen"
The kids happily clap and sing!

We had a giant group hug and they said Thank you for Chapel and off they went.

It was a great morning!  How awesome to welcome children into God's love!

This afternoon I get to go offer worship to some of God's children who are older at the Crossings at Ironbridge for the 4th Thursday Worship Service there.

God is good!

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