Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Prayer for Preachers before Christmas Eve

I am a perfectionist, I know that.  But who do I think I am? 
It's not up to me. It's not about me. 
I found myself stressing and trying to write the perfect plays, perfect sermons, the perfect liturgy, the words and prayers that would change hearts and move people to know Christ.  
Who Do I think I am??? 
It's Christmas!  Jesus is showing up! 
It is not about me and it is not up to me. 
SO - I wrote this so I would remember my place. 
Humble me Lord Jesus, to do your will- nothing more, nothing less.  

Lord Jesus, It is not up to me.

On the biggest night of the year when the people come.

It is not up to me.

You will bring them.

Your Spirit will pour out.

It is not up to me.

You will work Lord Jesus.

You already have.

 And you will.

It is not up to me.

To change their hearts, to make them respond,
To bring light to their darkness or free them from burdens.

You have.

Come, Lord Jesus Come.
You already have.

And you will once again.

Come , Lord Jesus Come.

Melt me, mold me, use me.

Ignite me to shine.

Ignite us all.

Come Lord Jesus Come.

Shine in us this Christmas Eve.

Once again, be born in us.


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