Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Night Preacher Prayer

Help me Lord.
O Help me, help me, help me.
Help me preach tomorrow.
Help me hold them tomorrow.
Help me help us to lay it at all your feet.
Help me to help us see you and know you and hope in you.
Help us to welcome your presence and give you these burdens.
Help me to to help us give thanks even though we are so angry and sad and angry and fearful and overwhelmed with vengence and pain and confusion.
Help me pastor and love them.
Help me usher in your hope and presence.
Help me proclaim the truth that your kingdom will and is coming.
Help me speak the truth and reality of your love , presence, and protection.
Help me be the pastor and the preacher they need and you want me to be.
Help our hearts to dwell in your heart and your heart invade our hearts.
Give me strength.
Hold me up.
Speak in and through me.
Sustain me by the power of your Holy Spirit.
I am yours.
Thank you Lord.
Thank you for your never failing love.
I cling to you and I will not let you go.
Hold tight to me.
Hold us tight.
In you everlasting never-failing love,

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