Friday, March 16, 2012

Create. Share Joy. Live Your Passion.

Sometimes it feels like we live in a time of totally polarizing time-- void of unity.
I will not allow that to be all I see.
Sometimes it feels like there is nothing new.
I will not give into this belief.
Sometimes people think if you are joyful you are a bubble head.
This is wrong-headed.
Sometimes life is filled with so much chaos.
God is still creating. Go outside and see.
Sometimes it is easy to let the negativity of the world be the loudest thing you hear.
Find a quiet place and pray.
Sometimes people will mock your passion.
Love them.
Sometimes they will say cruel things.
Love them anyway.
Sometimes ministry will be the most exciting, powerful, wonderful, joy filled experience ever.
Praise God! Glorify God! God is doing the work!
Sometimes ministry will feel like a huge epic FAIL.
Don't panic- shake off the dust. Praise God. Don't pout. Move forward. God is still working.
Do not give up.
Sometimes ministry will feel like the the best of times and sometimes it will feel like the worst of times.
This just means that God is working.
They crucified Jesus. The tomb was empty. You know the how the story ends.
Please see Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts...
When people laugh at you and say you have "rose colored glasses" remind them....
You wear Kingdom Glasses-- with Kingdom IN-Breaking Vision- keep seeing
God is doing a NEW thing.
I'll never let anyone tell me otherwise.
And if people don't like that--
That's okay.
I love them.
I love them no matter what.
When they don't love me back,
I love them anyway.
And I will "Not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes."

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