Friday, April 13, 2012

Joy Robber Prayer

Lord, When I feel hurt.  Let me look to you.
Hold me.
Hold me so tight that my loneliness disappears-
Hold me so tight that the dismissive words, the forsaken feelings, the isolation is gone.
Your presence is so big- it can fill any void.

I am tired and I am weary.
You are strong.

When joy feels ripped from me.
Ignite gratitude to flame in me
so that I may still see the beauty of your grace
and be flooded in joy once again.

Let me not be robbed of joy.
Let the darkness be overshadowed by your brilliant light.

I am not stronger than this.
Lord, you are.

When the joy robber comes,
Let me lean stronger into your arms.

Armor me in the kingdom way of seeing.
Turn what is ugly into beauty.

I am tired and weary.
I feel like all I can do is curl into a womb of your love.

Wash me, Hold me,
Take deep breaths in me, 
Until this is gone and I can be born into your freedom again.
Freedom to stand.
Standing strong, Beholding you.

In Awe once again.

I pray in the name of the One who has come and is here and is still coming.  Amen.

1 comment:

Donna VW said...

What a beautiful prayer. I printed it out and put it on my bulletin board at work - the place I need it most. Thank you for sharing.