Monday, April 16, 2012

A Prayer for Tax Day


Today some may grumble… but today I am thankful.  

Lord, I am thankful for our country.  
 Especially on this day, as tax day nears, 
I am thankful for its citizens and for the part we all play to work together as one nation so that we may live in this freedom.   
Today I am grateful for programs that allow hungry children to eat, 
I am thankful for roads- for interstates , and highways, for streets and avenues.  
I am thankful for bridges and damns, and, waterways.  
I am thankful for National Parks, State Parks, Local Parks. 
I am thankful for Rangers who help protect wildlife and teach us about nature and conservation.  
I am thankful for National treasures, and historical places, and art that nurtures the soul of our nation. 
I am thankful for Police officers, Firefighters, EMTs who protect us and keep us safe. 
I am thankful for schools –for preschool for poor children,  for principals, teachers, teacher assistants, cafeteria workers, guidance counselors, social workers, janitors, volunteers and for their dedication to instill a joy of learning in our children. 
I am thankful for libraries and librarians and for books and space to learn and grow in knowledge.   
I am thankful for my mailman Matt, and for all who work at the Post Office.  
I am thankful for all who serve in the military- and their families (who equally serve) – I am thankful for them and their sacrifice to keep our country from harm.   
I am thankful for people who work in and for the government who work very hard to do things we rarely see, but because of them things run smoothly.  Many of these people are my parishioners.  They are hard workers who care about this country.  I thank God for all of these people and the work they do, I thank God for their love our nation, their integrity and their dedication.  May God continually fill them with pride for our nation and the patience and fortitude to do the work for which they have been called.  
I am thankful for those who are able to pay their taxes, and for those who are too poor to pay taxes and everyone in between,  Lord, be with all of us.  
I am thankful for those who volunteer to help others prepare taxes with the utmost honesty, giving of their time, and helping others.  

There is very little we can look at and not be thankful for. 

I am thankful for you and everyone who takes part in what it means to be One Nation and not just a collection of states.   
We are One—Yes, and we are One Nation under God and,
I thank God for our nation and I thank God for you.    

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